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Camping with a dog

Posted by Emily Harris on
Camping with a dog

One of the most wonderful things about having a dog is being able to take them away with you on camping trips. 

Lola has mixed emotions about camping. On one paw she loves being in the outdoors, on the other she does like her 'personal time' so tends to retreat to the tent/van around 8pm for some space (it's pretty cute). But all in all being in the outdoors is where Lola thrives best. Long walks, fresh air, no sound of cars and lot's of treats.  

We love the outdoors and any opportunity we get to go camping we do. Recently we bought a VW Transporter van. Vern's been kitting it out with a bed so our most recent trip to St David's was out first taste of van life and Lola loved it. She's not great in the car as she tends to bark at lorries however, sitting in the front of a van she was mesmerised all the 200 miles to the coast. Good start to our trip away! 

We've compiled just a few camping tips we consider for a successful stay away. 

Here's a few tips for camping with your dog...

Check for local regulations 

Not all campsites allow dogs so it's important to check these things before you book and set off. It's not only your campsite you need to consider but also local beaches. There's nothing more disheartening than arriving at a site, near a beach to realise it doesn't allow dogs in the summer months. Check out our recent blog on dog friendly beaches here for some top tips. 

Take a tether

Whether you're staying on a campsite where it's essential to keep your dog on a lead or if you're in the great outdoors, your dogs safety should always be a number one priority. By taking a tether it allows peace of mind for your dogs safety whilst you are busy cooking, putting up the tent or getting ready for a hike. 

Bring a tent/van with lots of space

Ensure your dog feels relaxed by making a nice home away from home. Not only having a big space will be comfortable for the whole family but having extra space for muddy boots and soggy towels is a must. 


You may think these are just for you... no, these are also for your dog too. Gone are the days when dogs used to sleep outside, they are way too used to sleeping in our cosy living rooms, so a night in the great outdoors may be a little chilly. Take plenty of blankets for super cosy nights under the stars.

Pack some dog toys 

The outdoors is fun for any pup, but when you're around a log fire cooking up your latest campfire stew and if your dog isn't one for relaxing (Lola doesn't sit still) then a few toys are a must. By taking your pups favourite toy this will help ease any anxieties and keep them entertained. 

Pack extra food and treats

Pack for all eventualities - what if you broke down and had to stay an extra night? Having a few extra doggy meals in the bag is good forward planning. Also consider taking a bag of treats for those 'good girl' moments. Stuff a treat pouch with some high value treats such as cheese or chicken (if you have a fridge to keep the chicken safe to eat). 

We're looking forward to many more camping trips with Lola over the Autumn, van life means we can head out at the drop of a hat and the weather can't put a dampener on it either.

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