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Wildbarc Introduces Treat Pouches

Posted by Emily Harris on
Wildbarc Introduces Treat Pouches

Wildbarc's brand new dog treat pouch

When we started thinking about Wildbarc and planning the products we wanted to create, our main ambition was to create products that we needed and already used on our dog walks with Lola. A strong dog lead was of course the main port of call for us but the second was a treat bag. 

We never leave home without a treat bag. Having a border collie who loves to herd cars and is easily distracted, it's important we have a pouch of dog treats at our side for when we need to distract her. What better product to launch next than the second most important thing to us. 

Meet our dog treat bag

Our range of treat bags are all handmade in Wales by Emily's fair hands. Designed to sit comfortably on your waist or bag strap using our Wildbarc branded carabiner. We designed the bag to fit a good amount of treats for a walk- this was actually tested by using 2 x portions of Lola's dinner which is 1 x days worth of food. With paracord drawstring closing and O ring for accessory attachment. 

dog treat bag


As we know walks can be a bit wet and windy so we made these bags using wax cotton along with a waterproof ripstop inside material. We can't guarantee our bags are waterproof but will stand the test of time in a rain shower. For any heavy weather of persistent rain make sure you tuck your bag away in your pocket for extra dryness. 

What can you fill a treat pouch with?

Usually on a walk we take Lola's dry dinner or breakfast with us. This is great to practice recall with and to make sure she stays close by (she does have the tendency to wander quite far in the woods) If we're going on a walk where we may stop for a break such a pub lunch and we know there may be other dogs around we often pack more high value dog treats such as chicken, cheese or liver. The good thing about our pouch is the waterproof ripstop lining, you can easily wipe this down, so any sticky treats like this can be easily cleaned out. 

Check out the first in our range of treat bags here

We still have more products to come in our Wildbarc range. Leads and treat bags are just the beginning. For ideas of what to make next we're looking at what we use most however, we'd love to know what you would like. Get in touch and we'll get product testing. 

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