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Fuelled by coffee & nature!

Posted by Emily Harris on

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to lose touch with the simple pleasures that rejuvenate our souls. For most these pleasures exist all around us and we can usually find...

Earth Day 2024: Collective Change through Grassroots Business

Posted by Emily Harris on
Earth Day serves as a rallying cry for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide to redouble their efforts in mitigating climate change and safeguarding the Earth's natural resources.

Marvellous Mushrooms from November to March

Posted by Emily Harris on
In this short guide, we'll explore some of the mushrooms you can hope to discover from November to March, where to look for them, and some good to knows. 

Ffwng: A Photographic Celebration of Nature's Hidden Marvels

Posted by Emily Harris on

In a world dominated by bustling cityscapes and fast-paced lifestyles, there's an increasing yearning for a connection with the natural world.

Black Friday but different?

Posted by Emily Harris on

In a world driven by discounts and frantic shopping, our small business has made a conscious decision to opt-out of the Black Friday frenzy and try things a little different this year. This year we'll be chucking Black...

Keep Your Pooch Calm on Bonfire Night: The Power of the Snood

Posted by Emily Harris on
Whilst celebrated as a night of excitement for humans, it can be incredibly stressful for our furry friends, particularly dogs.

October Fungi Photo Challenge

Posted by Emily Harris on

Explore our love for Fungi at Wildbarc with our first photo challenge dedicated to the captivating beauty of mushrooms. This limited print magazine celebrates the wonders of nature and offers an opportunity for you to share your adventurous discoveries.


Health Benefits of Eating and Cooking Outdoors

Posted by Emily Harris on

No interior in the world can match the stunning view of the great outdoors and an infinite kitchen that creates lasting memories of al fresco dining. Eating and cooking outdoors provides a range of benefits...

Wildbarc brand refresh

Posted by Emily Harris on

We are extremely excited to announce the next chapter in our journey, something we have quietly been working on behind the scenes for a while now - Our rebrand! We love our old branding but...

Interview with Three Peaks Naturals!

Posted by Emily Harris on

We're always on the hunt for retired climbing rope to recycle and repurpose into dog leads for new adventures. So when Jamie from Three Peaks Naturals got in touch to say he had some rope...