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Wildbarc brand refresh

Posted by Emily Harris on
Wildbarc brand refresh

We are extremely excited to announce the next chapter in our journey, something we have quietly been working on behind the scenes for a while now - Our rebrand!

We love our old branding but in all honesty it feels like the right time for us to inject some freshness in to our family business. Having launched our shop almost 3 years ago through the humble beginnings of a reclaimed climbing rope found in Emilys mums shed, we have since learnt an incredible amount about our business, our community and the evolution of Wildbarc. Our pack has grown, our business has grown and we want to continue to evolve from where we are to where we want to be. This is an evolution, not a revolution.

So why are we rebranding?

Last year we secured a trademark on the word Wildbarc and since then we have been wanting to refresh our logo, our products and our brand. Securing our trademark was a turning point for us, a pinnacle moment that told us our business was no longer a side hustle but we were now in this for the long haul!

In a very competitive industry we have always tried to remain unique and stand out from the crowd. When we originally started Wildbarc our ambition was to not only provide the best gear we could for our four legged buddies but we also aspired to expand to provide gear for the humans that venture out everyday in all types of weather, come rain or shine. The new brand embodies our dream and we think looks just as fantastic on a dog collar as it would on a waterproof rain jacket.  

Our customers, our pack, those who return time and time again. We've met so many new and amazing people over a short time, some of whom have become great friends. We are always listening, your ideas inspire us and your feedback helps us grow. Sure we are being extremely slow on releasing a Wildbarc harness but like everything we do we want to make it just right.

So what has changed?

Our goods remain the same, of course we do introduce new products and have our limited Off Cuts collection drops from time to time but we have reached a point where we are proud of our offerings. Every product that leaves our studio is hand made with simplicity, quality, longevity and purpose in mind. We want our products to last, its so important to our sustainability goals. Unlike some other brands we have always approached the design of our goods with the outdoors and adventure firmly in mind, we don't do cutesy, we do rugged, tough and ready to ramble!

So, in short as you'll see in the photo below it looks like we have only changed the tags and its placement but to us (and hopefully to you too) is much much more! Our mindset has matured and our commitment to our pack is stronger than ever!

Of course we have spruced up the packaging a little with hand stamped touches using vegetable based inks. Our labels have had a refresh which was important to align our brand but also as we found we were building up quite a lot of different labels as we grew our product range, we didn't like this and felt it was wasteful so have incorporated our tags in to a smaller amount that work across all our product ranges. Although we continue to use only FSC Certified paper, less of this is always better.

What hasn't changed?

Over the last few months we have been using up what's left of our labels, the remainder of our tags and our thank you cards still continue to go out in every order. We do not throw anything away and wish to continue to do so until everything is used, it's so important to us. So for now you'll still see our old logo on our carabiners, our thank you cards and any Off Cut collections we release.

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