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Dog Walking Checklist

Posted by Emily Harris on
Dog Walking Checklist

Whether you're taking a gentle stroll over the local fields or packing up for a hike up your local mountain, having the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to an enjoyable day out or a nightmare from hell where you just want to turn around and go home.  

Here's our list of essential things you should consider for your next four legged adventure to make it one both you and your dog will enjoy: 


Hydration on a long walk is absolutely key, not just for you, but for your dog as well. Rather than relying on rivers and streams for your dogs water intake take a bottle and bowl. Heat exhaustion is a killer for dogs so make sure if it's a sunny day to hydrate in the shade and take lots of breaks. 

Check out our Wildbarc collapsible water bowls for dogs here


Choosing the right rucksack for your walk can be a bit of a minefield. For us it's got to be:

  • Comfortable
  • Good support (additional straps are a must)
  • Have lots of pockets

Not all bags are waterproof so we like to carry a cover if the rain does start to keep our kit dry. 

Strong dog lead

This goes without saying. A strong dog lead is a must for any adventure. Yes, your dog may love to run free in the woods or chase a ball across a field, but what about when you run into those tricky situations. A field of sheep, a tractor, a busy road or maybe another dog is heading your way. It's vital you are always ready with a strong lead on hand. But where can you get a strong lead? Wildbarc of course.

Wildbarc dog leads are made of rock climbing rope, proving to be the most durable lead available.

Each lead is 4 foot long made from a minimum of 9mm climbing rope and comes with a 12KN Wildbarc branded locking carabiner for extra security ensuring your dog won't unclip themselves from the lead. Climbing rope dog leads prove to be the most durable and hardwearing yet, after all climbing rope is made to hold a human hanging off a cliff. 

Check out our Wildbarc leads here perfect for your next ramble. 

Treat Bag 

No dog walk is complete without a pouch of your pups favourite treats. For maximum recall effect, take with you high value dog treats such as chicken or cheese or maybe a pouch of your dogs favourite kibble. With a feast by your side they are sure to come back to you at any opportunity. 

We've got an exciting range of treat bags here we never leave home without ours so decided to create out very own for our Wildbarc pack.

The right footwear 

The right footwear can be the making or breaking of a good walk. No one wants to spend 2 hours on a hike with blisters. Ensure your footwear is comfortable, fits correctly and most importantly (well maybe not most importantly but one we always consider when getting new boots) waterproof! Off the beaten track muddy paths and water filled holes are inevitable and you want to ability to be able to wade through them without getting soggy socks.

Now, we've covered footwear for humans but what about dog shoes? We've seen these around and Lola really could do with a pair (she has cut her pads a few times on rocks on the beach) Personally, we've not tried them out as we know our pup and there's no way she'd keep them on and would become distressed wearing them. Have you tried them? We'd love to know how you got on, get in touch to let us know!

Safety for you and your dog 

Pack a first aid kit for any accidents that may happen, and not just for you, for your dog too. Fingers crossed for a safe adventure but accidents do happen (typical Border Collie), so if you're out in the wild and your pup tears its pad it's best to be prepared. We always carry antibac wipes and a roll of vet wrap. We must of gone through rolls of vet wrap in our time with Lola and has fast become a must have on any ramble. 

Of course the list is endless but these are just some of our go-to essentials we always ensure are with us when we go walking. 

What are your essential walking must haves? Get in touch to let us know, we're always looking for tips from our Wildbarc pack. 


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  • Olivia on

    Just read the story in my news feed about your delivery of a package to a US customer in Tennessee, and Wow! They mentioned your company name so I knew I had to look you up. I’m very impressed after reading everything on your website, as I’m the proud owner of 2 Welsh Pembroke Corgis (and an elderly chihuahua). The corgis are a handful but I’m planning a trip to the UK for 5 months and plan to do a lot of walking/hiking with them. I’ll keep you in mind for supplies when I do come (2024). Keep up the great work!

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