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Keeping your dog safe on Halloween

Posted by Emily Harris on
Keeping your dog safe on Halloween

How do I keep my dog safe on Halloween?

Top tips for you and your dog this Halloween

Halloween is really fun time of year for many of us but it's not exactly a very calm season for dogs. With doorbell ringing, knocking, and not forgetting why does mum and dad look like something from a horror film? It can be really stressful with loud noises, strangers in the house and just generally overwhelming. We've compiled a few tips to be mindful off this spooky season to ensure your little werewolf is chilled and relaxed! 

Door knocking. Lola goes berserk when anyone knocks on the door, mainly because she's such a sociable dog and loves people. With trick and treaters out in full force, if your dog is particularly bad, why not put a sign on your door saying 'no knocking, werewolf on the loose' to try and minimise the stress for both you and your dog.  

Costumes. ... and i'm not referring to your costume choice... However cute and tempting it may be, if your dog doesn't like being dressed up in costumers don't force it. Pushing your pup into wearing a witches hat for a pic for the gram will only end up with a worried and stressed pup. HOWEVER.... if your pup has a lager fancy dress collection than his/her human and loves to get dressed up crack on. It's always good to have some fun with your fury bff.

Sweets and chocolate. It goes without saying.... sweets and chocolate, we all know are bad for dogs so be mindful as to where your bowl is for the streams of trick or treaters coming to your door. A bowl on a low surface could result is a nosey dog taking full advantage. This can only mean thing... one sick dog! 

Beware of fireworks. Remember when fireworks used to just go off once a year, well not anymore. It seems that any occasion calls for streams of loud bangs and bright noises. Keep this in mind and ensure you're not out and about when the sun goes down (not forgetting those ghouls and ghosts come out after dark)

Give your pets a quiet, safe place on Halloween. Loud parties, constant door knocking and too many strangers in your home can be really stressful to your four-legged friends so create a safe space so they can relax and feel safe and calm.

Don't be tempted to take your pet trick-or-treating. It may sound like a good idea in theory to take your dog for a late night spin, but your dog may become too excited and wired. Remember those cortisol levels and remember they simply don't understand and can become panicked and over stimulated. 

Now we aren't experts at all these are just a few things which we feel are important to keep our Lola safe, we'd love to know your tips, so please comment below :)

Stay safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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