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How to shop sustainably this Christmas

Posted by Emily Harris on
sustainable Christmas shopping ideas

Christmas is a time of gifting and treating loved ones, so we thought it would be a good chance to give a few of our top tips on how to shop sustainably this Christmas season. Making small changes and being aware of what's in your shopping cart is a great step to ensuring you play a part in helping the climate crisis. Let's face it, we all have our part to play if we want to make real change.

survey from supermarket Tesco has revealed that over one-third (36%) of the nation plans to be more sustainable over this year’s festive period, with nearly half (49%) claiming that the environmental impact of what they buy will influence their shopping decisions this festive season. 

Top tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Quality not quantity

One well thought out meaningful gift is much better for our environment than a pile of gifts that frankly you just don't need, likely ending up in a bin bag when it comes to that new year house clear out. Consider what your loved one will like and focus on the meaning of the gift, the thought will go along way.

Research a companies packaging 

Here at Wildbarc we use 100% plastic free packaging, from cardboard boxes, card tags, natural thread to shredded paper. Our aim from the very beginning has always been to use packaging that is always recyclable and from sustainable sources. Check out the companies you plan to buy from to see what packaging they use, there's nothing worse than a tonne of polystyrene and plastic bags turning up. If you can't see it on their website or social platforms then drop them a message.

Buy recycled and up-cycled items 

With crafters around the country up-cyling and making new from old there are some incredible businesses you can support. From shabby chic furniture to cushions made from old shirts, there is a world of possibilities in this space. And of course why not check out our range of dog leads made from recycled climbing rope? Bringing a new lease of life to retired rope and saving it from landfill.

Normalise second hand gifting

Let's normalise second hand gifting, with so many beautiful used items needing a home there is a world of options in local charity shops for wonderful gifts. Why not do a swap shop with friends, gathering your unwanted items and swapping with friends to regift at Christmas.

Buy from the UK 


Did you know that each Christmas a staggering 4,000 tonnes of products arrive in the UK by containers. Buying presents locally means you will not only be supporting small suppliers and makers but also minimising the carbon footprint that comes with the transportation of the products you're buying.

Small business Saturday, taking place on Saturday 4th December, along with local craft fairs and markets helps to support small local businesses.


Decorate your table with fallen pine cones and biodegradable fruit 

A great sustainable way to bring the outside indoors along with avoiding plastic confettis is to go foraging in the woods for a unique natural centrepiece to your Christmas dinner table. We love pine cones and holly and of course a favourite... moss! 

Eco-friendly wrapping paper

Did you know that every Christmas, consumers in the UK use a staggering 227,000 miles of wrapping paper, and over 83km² of this will end up in the bin. Swap glossy papers for recycled or recyclable paper, a classic brown paper, string and a holly branch, very classy!

And why not reuse last year’s Christmas cards to make tags!

Secret Santa

Reduce the amount of items you buy this year by hosting a Secret Santa, a fun way to focus on gifting for one person, meaning no panic buying and more consideration for that one special person. 

We're always on the lookout for more ideas so drop us a message we'd love to share even more tips for a sustainable Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Vern, Emily & Lola

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