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Wildbarc Dog snoods... and human!

Posted by Emily Harris on
Wildbarc Dog snoods... and human!

Introducing snoods for dogs and matching snoods for humans

What is a dog snood?

A snood is the perfect accessory for an adventure dog to keep your dogs neck clean on walks on muddy adventures, but not forgetting so they look super cool and ready for the outdoors. 

Whilst some people opt for a bandanna or a scarf, a jersey snood is the perfect accessory with its stretch loop design it wont come undone and is perfect for keeping your dogs neck mud free on outdoor adventures.

dog snood for dog walking and dog adventures


Can I also use it as a dog food snood?

Absolutely, an adventure snood is the same design as a food snood. Simply stretch over you pups head to keep long curly and fluffy ears dry when they tuck into their favourite dinner. Many spaniel owners choose a food snood as a daily accessory for this reason. Luckily Lola has wolfy ears so this is not an issue for us so she chooses to wear hers whilst on a ramble to show off to the other dogs. 


Dog snood , dog accessories,


Did you say human snoods too?

We sure did, so we decided during the design phase that we wanted to create a range of matching snoods for humans too. Not only so you can match your pup but also as its an accessory we genuinely use on mountain walks. There is nothing worse than on a long walk being chilly but also have you ever been on the top of a mountain and the wind is beating in your ears? yep, we have too and its awful. You can pull the snood into a headband so it covers your ears to keep the wind out. A snood was a life saver for us on the way up Snowdon for sure!


black dog snood

Our snoods come in small, medium and large for dogs and one size for humans. Currently we have 5 colours (black, navy, burgundy, mustard and khaki) but we do hope to expand on this in the future. 

Check out our range of snoods here  


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