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Bandanas inspired by the Welsh colonies of Patagonia

Posted by Emily Harris on
Bandanas inspired by the Welsh colonies of Patagonia

Did you know that Wales is not the only part of the world that speaks welsh? There are in fact parts of South America where Welsh is spoken. 

Y Wladfa ("The Colony"), also occasionally Y Wladychfa Gymreig ("The Welsh Settlement"), refers to the establishment of settlements by Welsh immigrants in Patagonia, beginning in 1865, mainly along the coast of the lower Chubut Valley.

The Welsh-Argentine community is centred on Gaiman, Trelew, and Trevelin. Chubut estimates the number of Patagonian Welsh speakers to be about 1,500, while other estimates put the number at 5,000.


The town Trevelin was important in the Welsh settlement of Chubut. It was named Trevelin (from Trefelin, the Welsh for "mill town") after the first flour mill, known as "Los Andes", was established there by John Daniel Evans [es] in 1891. Evans had previously become well known for leading expeditions into the Pampas in search of new lands and mineral reserves, which had earned him the nickname 'El Baqueano' (meaning guide or scout).

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Gaiman is a cultural and demographic centre of the main region of the Welsh settlement in Argentina, known in Welsh as Y Wladfa Gymreig.

The town was founded in 1874 with many people in the region have maintained the use of Welsh alongside Spanish.

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Trelew's foundation is linked with Welsh settlement in Argentina, the leaders of which were Captain Sir Thomas Duncombe Love Jones-Parry (of Madryn) and Lewis (Luis) Jones, who acted as spokesmen to deal with the Argentine government in the beginning of the 1860s. The town was named Trelew in honour of the latter Jones: tre meaning "town" in Welsh and "Lew" being an apocope for Lewis.

An annual Eisteddfod is held in Trelew in October, a traditional festival which receives guests from across the country and from Wales, which constitutes a unique expression of Welsh culture in South America.

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Bandanas Inspired by the towns of Patagonia

We've taken inspiration from the history and towns of Patagonia to name our new embroidered tie bandanas. When thinking about this collection is seemed the perfect story to accompany our new collection. We hope you love these and also love learning about the history of the welsh language and how far and wide the speakers settled.

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