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Teach Your Dog Welsh


When we seen this book, we knew straight away that we had to HAVE IT! 

The Welsh language, Cymraeg, is one of the oldest living languages in Europe, with roots tracing back to Celtic languages spoken by ancient Britons. Historically, it flourished across Wales, retaining its distinct character despite influences from Latin, Norse, and Norman French. However, with the rise of English language dominance, Welsh faced suppression, leading to a decline in its usage.

In recent centuries, efforts to revive and preserve the language have been successful, with Welsh now enjoying official status in Wales alongside English. It's taught in schools, used in the media, and cherished as a cultural symbol. While predominantly spoken in Wales, Welsh communities also exist in parts of England, particularly along the border. Additionally, there's a small Welsh-speaking population in Patagonia, Argentina, a legacy of 19th-century migration. Today, the Welsh language stands as a testament to the resilience of linguistic diversity.

So it is with this passion for the Welsh language that this light-hearted, fully-illustrated retro-style picture book came to life! With 50+ words and phrases you can use to practise your Welsh with your best furry friend.


  • Author: Anne Cakebread
  • Format: Paperback, 112 pages
  • Dimensions: 146mm x 110mm
  • Publisher: Y Lolfa Cyf