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Essential Dog First Aid Kit

Posted by Emily Harris on
Essential Dog First Aid Kit

If your dog suffers a cut pad whilst out on an adventure you might need to step in with emergency pet first aid. Being able to dress and clean a wound and stop bleeding, is essential when out on the trail. After all when we go out we consider our own first aid so why not plan your dogs too?

Be prepared for all eventualities with your dogs very own first aid kit packed with all the basic essential items for pre vet assistance.

What is a dog first aid kit?

A dog first aid kit should include veterinary essentials that can help treat common accidents or aid in unexpected emergencies for pre veterinary assistance. Essential kit for dog owners out on camping trips, long walks or daily activities. 

Every dog owner should have a dog first aid kit ready for accidents or injuries that can be treated from home, or when access to a professional isn’t immediately available.

The 3 Aims of Animal First Aid

The three aims of animal first aid are designed to attend to the animal’s critical condition and aim to stabilise it as much as possible, they are:

  1. Preserve life
  2. Prevent suffering
  3. Prevent the situation from deteriorating

Why do you need a dog first aid kit?

When we're out and about Lola is... well, she's a wild child Border Collie so often comes into scrapes we need to look at, clean and dress. Not so long ago we went to Ogmore Beach, which is a lovely cove near to where we live. A long stretch of beach, a rocky shore and a coastline with sea views for miles. Now, Lola's not a swimmer but she is a paddler and splashing around in the sea is heaven to her! However... that rocky coastline can be a danger. Dashing around in the sea and splashing around soon left Lola with a cut pad. It was at this very moment we realised we were unprepared and didn't have anything to clean and wrap her foot in. 

Moral of the story: Keeping a lightweight portable first aid kit on hand enables you to provide on-the-go care wherever you are. Check out the Wildbarc 28i first aid kit here, which has been designed to give you the basic essentials to treat scrapes, insect bites, remove ticks and much more. We wanted to create a kit that wasn't bulky, like some of the other kits available that tended to be more suited for the home or the boot of your car. Our dog first aid kit weighs it at just 200 grams is the size of a small paperback book so it won't weight you down whilst out on the trail.

What should a dog first aid kit include?

The Wildbarc kit includes 28 items that every dog owner should not leave home without and the good part is our handmade ripstop dry bag contains practically everything you need in a lightweight package, so it's not cumbersome or heavy to take with you on every adventure. The roll-top bag also gives a little more room to add to your dog's kit or even add a few items for your own care whilst out on hikes. We've also added a handy little bright orange emergency whistle buckle should you need to raise the alarm, although we hope you never have to use it.

What's included

1 x Tough Cut Scissors / 1 x Tick Remover (small) / 1 x Tick Remover (large) / 1 x Microporus Tape / 2 x Alcohol Prep Pad / 2 x Sting Relief Pad / 2 x Iodine Prep Pad / 2 x Eye Wash / 1 x Adhesive Vet Wrap / 1 x Medium Dressing / 1 x Small Dressing / 1 x Abdominal Pad / 1 x Conforming Bandage / 2 x Cotton Tipped Applicator / 2 x Wooden Tongue Depressor / 1 x Gloves (pair) / 1 x Emergency Foil Blanket / 4 x Safety Pins / 1 x Emergency Buckle Clip Whistle

We have also created a helpful contents tracking document which you print off to ensure your kit is up to date after using any items.

We also recommend you add a Styptic Pencil or Styptic Powder to your kit, as well a rubber tourniquet which helps stop any bleeding in an emergency. We will be stocking these additional first aid essentials very soon in our shop but in the meantime please don't hesitate to pick these items up.

Check out our very own first aid kit here.

Have fun on your adventures but remember... be safe and be prepared.

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