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How to measure your dogs neck for a collar

Posted by Emily Harris on
How to measure your dogs neck for a collar

All dogs are different, and come in all shapes and sizes. Ensuring you have the right collar for your dog is a must, here's our top tips for measuring for the right fit.

How to measure your dogs neck

1# Use a seamstress measuring tape. This is the soft kind. This will ensure you have an accurate measurement. 

2# Wrap the measuring tape round your dogs neck a few inches from the head. Add an extra inch down the neck for small dogs and an extra two inches down the neck for medium to large dogs. 

3# Pull the tape snug but not tight.

4# If you don't have a measuring tape why not try a price of string and then measure the string with a ruler.

5# Ensure you can fit two fingers under the tape so your measurement isn't too tight

What sizes do Wildbarc collars come in?

Wildbarc collars all come in small, medium and large. Here's a run through of what these mean in centimeters. 

Size Guide

£14 - Small - Width 16mm. Length (adjustable) from approx 28cm - 36cm

£15 - Medium - Width 25mm. Length (adjustable) from approx 35cm - 50cm

£16 - Large - Width 25mm. Length (adjustable) from approx 45cm - 65cm

Remember for a comfortable fit, when fitted you should be able to put two fingers under the collar, and for the best fit, your collar should have room to adjust in size. Always monitor your dog when out on walks that their collar isn't too tight or if it needs tightening. A loose collar can be dangers and could mean your dog slips out. 

Check out our range of collars here

If you have any questions about our collars get in touch at and we'd be happy to help :)

Happy adventures!

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